Visa processing Time

6 – Visa Processing Time

Taking into consideration the distance that visa applicants from Barbados have to travel to attend visa interviews in Trinidad, visa applications from Barbados applicants are generally processed same-day (provided that a complete file is presented), except where additional processing time is required due to individual cases and destinations.

If additional processing time is required due to your individual case or travel destination, you may return to Barbados with your passport, then send it back to the French Embassy via an international courier service (e.g. FEDEX, DHL, etc.) of your choice, along with a pre-paid return coupon, in order to have the visa affixed and your passport returned to you.

Visa applicants are strongly advised not to make non-refundable travel plans, as there is no guarantee that the visa application will be approved.

Dernière modification : 09/12/2009

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