Postgraduate: Continuing your tertiary education


According to your previous studies and current qualifications, you may meet requirements to apply for a postgraduate course. You will in this case have to contact your chosen establishment directly for instructions on how to proceed.

The establishment you wish to attend is the only one entitled to validate your previous course, i.e. authorise you to:
- Have direct access to a course ending with the issuing of a national degree or a title regulated by the State as far as obtaining it is concerned.
- Submit an application for a competitive entrance exam for a given establishment.
- Be exempted from part of the tests for a given degree.

NB : A diploma/degree may be validated by one establishment and not another. The response to all requests is entirely the responsibility of the vice-chancellor of the university upon proposal by a pedagogical commission. Factors taken into account by the commission include the compatibility between the course content of the qualifications already obtained and the requirements of the course for which application is being made; linguistic ability/ level will also be taken into consideration.


As a general rule, any document required that is not in French is expected to be accompanied by an official translation into French (See article entitled "Translation of support documents" in the Useful Contact Information section)

In support of the enrolment request, the applicant must provide:
- A cover letter
- A birth certificate with its certified translation if not in French
- Certified copies of secondary school certificates and translations into French.

See also section entitled "Accreditation and recognition of degrees"

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