Organizational Chart


- His Excellency Ambassador Serge LAVROFF

Diplomatic Chancery:

Role: to represent French interests in Trinidad and Tobago and inform the French Ministry of Foreign affairs of the evolution of the political, economic and social situations in these two countries.

- Ms. Solène CRINIERE, Deputy Head of Mission

- Mr. Derek PARKER, Economic Officer


- Mr. Jean-Louis ROBINSON, Translator, Bilingual Assistant to the Ambassador

Embassy security:

- Mr. Didier MOISSON, Head of Security (resident in Saint Lucia)

Economic and Regional Services:

- Mr. Patrick HERVÉ, Head of Economic and Regional Services for Andean America, Panama and the Caribbean (resident in Panama)

Defense attaché:

- Lieutenant Commander Thierry DELBARRE (resident in Fort-de-France)

Internal security attaché:

- Mr. Serge ANTONY, Divisional Commissioner (resident in Caracas)

Customs attaché:

- Mr. Patrick MIHOUB (resident in Caracas)

Cooperation and Cultutal Action Adviser (COCAC) (resident in Sainte Lucia):

- Mr. Stéphane DOVERT

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