Mrs. Marie Abdulah and Mr. David Assing awarded the "Palmes académiques"

Mrs. Marie Abdulah and Mr. David Assing awarded the "Palmes académiques"

The Palmes académiques were instituted by Napoleon 1 in 1808, under the original title of Distinction of Officer of Academy, in order to honour the most eminent members of the University. On Wednesday April 24, 2018, medals were awarded to Mrs. Marie Abdulah and Mr. David Assing.

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Marie Abdulah poses with her medal and diploma

Marie Abdulah. A native of Marseille, completed her studies in art and literature at the University of Aix en Provence at the Institute of Political Science and more particularly specialized in French, English and History, graduating with a degree in Language and American Civilization. After spending some time in England, She moved to Port of Spain where she began to teach French, working at various institutions.

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David Assing says a few words after receiving his award

David Assing studied at the prestigious University of the West Indies where he earned degrees in French, Spanish, Sociology, Linguistics and later a Master’s in Education. He has taught at several reputable institutions, including the University of the West Indies where he studied, but also Saint Joseph’s College and of course the l’Alliance Française in Port d’Espagne. He was an active member of the Association of French Teachers of Trinidad and Tobago where he developed a real talent as a manager and organizer.

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Photo of the Ambassador and his wife with the two awardees (from left to right: Marie Abdulah, Serge Lavroff, David Assing, Caroline Lavroff)
Last updated on: 25 April 2018
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