Long Stay Visa Requirements

4 – Long Stay Visa Requirements (more than 90 days)

a – Students

Students who have been accepted to long-term (more than 90 days) programs of study in France are invited to click on the icon below to download the list of requirements that must be submitted with their visa application:

Download a long stay visa application form here: 2d – Long Stay Visa Form.

All students must reserve a visa appointment. However, since long stay student visa interviews last longer than the average visa interview, visa appointments for students in the long stay category are NOT AVAILABLE VIA THE ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM. Students traveling to France for long-term study are invited to click here to send us an e-mail request for a long stay student visa appointment, which are conducted at the French Embassy on Thursdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

The long stay visa application fee is attached to the processing of the visa application see 7b – Long Stay Application Fee for details, except in the case of scholarship recipients.

b – Language Assistants

Individuals who have been accepted to language assistant program of the C.I.E.P. (Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques) are required to present originals and one set of photocopies (all except photo) of the following documents when applying for a visa:

  • 1. Valid Passport (i.e. validity extending to at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from France and at least two full blank pages to place the visa)
  • 3. Two (2) passport-size photographs on white background
  • 4. Arrêté de nomination
  • 5. Ticket (or reservation) with detailed itinerary

Language assistants must book a visa appointment using the online appointment system see 5 – Online Visa Appointments for details.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE attached to the processing of language assistants’ applications.

c – Other

For other reasons for long stay travel, required documents may vary. If you wish to submit a visa application for the purpose of marriage to a French national with the intention of taking up residence in France or for medical treatment in France, for example, click here to send us an e-mail request for information and a Visa Officer will reply with the list of documents required for your particular case.

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