Good France 2019 Recap

As has been done every year since 2015, Port of Spain hosted the Good France event on March 21, this time with five participating restaurants. This global event celebrating French gastronomy, good taste, joie de vivre and the art of eating well, was held simultaneously at Aioli Restaurant, Fanatic Kitchen, Mélange and Zazou Kitchen in Port of Spain and, for the first time, in Lopinot at Café Mariposa. While only one restaurant patricipated in the event in 2015 and three last year, 5 chefs and tehir teams took part this year, which demonstrates the growing success of Good France in Trinidad and Tobago and the public appeal of French cuisine and its values.

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Good France 2019 media launch at the French Residence
From Right to left : Chefs Hyacinth and Marcia Guerrero (Café Mariposa), Chef John Michael Aboud (Aioli), Chefs Moses and Collette Ruben (Mélange), Mrs. Caroline Lavroff, Ambassador Serge Lavroff, Chef Pierre-Yves le Bihan (Zazou Kitchen), Chefs Ridge Juman and Jason Peru (Fanatic Kitchen)
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Good France 2019 Dinner at Mélange restaurant
From right to left: Mr. Denis Clerc-Renaud, Director, Perenco, Collette Ruben, Mr. Amer Haidar, Honorary Consul of Lebanon, Mr. Faris Al Rawi, Attorney-General of Trinidad and Tobago, Chef Moses Ruben, Ambassador Lavroff, Mrs. Lavroff, Ms. E. Monica Davis, Honorary Consul of the Bahamas, Ms. Bobie-Lee Dixon, Journalist, Mrs. Gina Haidar, Mr. Albert Nahas
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Mr. Faris al Rawi and Ambassador Serge Lavroff Crédit photo : Verdel Bishop
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Ambassador and Mrs. Lavroff with Chef Pierre-Yves le Bihan and Mrs. le Bihan Crédit photo : Zazou Kitchen
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Ambassador and Mrs. Lavroff with Chef John Michael Aboud of Aioli
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Ambassador and Mrs. Lavroff with the Fanatic Kitchen team
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Good France Dinner at Café Mariposa, Lopinot
From right to left: Dr. Sandra Hobbs, French Lecturer, UWI, Mr. Jean-Louis Robinson, Assistant to the French Ambassadeur, Ms. Mathilde Dallier, French Lecturer, UWI, Mr. Youri Velasques, French language Assistant, UWI

Last updated on: 5 April 2019