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- General information

Agency in charge of promoting tertiary studies and facilitating the stay of foreign students in France.

  • EGIDE -Centre Français pour l’accueil et les échanges internationaux

Guide for foreign students - description of French higher education, useful information on preparing a visit to France, practical information for day-to-day living in France, course catalogue, background information on French society, brief description of the regions of France - links to other websites for further information on specific topics.

- Course and funding information:

  • UNESCO Study Abroad

Online guide to scholarships, grants and courses offered in France: search for courses, schools or both by either study field or country using the database.

- Accreditation/ recognition of qualifications:

This site, a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES, was created primarily as a tool to assist the ENIC-NARIC Networks in carrying out the tasks they have been mandated to accomplish within their own jurisdiction, by directing them to up-to-date information supplied and maintained by the competent bodies in each member country and by each member organization.
It is also its express purpose to help other interested organizations and individuals easily find information on current issues in international academic and professional mobility, and on procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications.

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