Cost of studies in France


For enrolment at undergraduate level the tuition fee is set on a national scale and applicable to both French nationals and non-nationals. As an example, the basic tuition fees for 2005-2006 (undergraduate courses) amounted to 156€ per student (approx. TT$1250.00).

For other university courses for public or private specialised establishments (eg. Instituts and Grandes Ecoles), the cost of tuition varies. For details, visit the following pages:
- the page entitled Coût de l’inscription à l’université under the heading "Enseignement - Enseignement supérieur - Inscription à l’université" in the "Vos droits et démarches" section of the Service-Public website.
- the taux de scolarité page on the website of the French Ministry of Education.


A) Compulsory Social Security cover

Normal social security cover for a student is subscription to the student Social Security, which is a specific form of French social security. Membership conditions:
- Age limit: The age limit of 28 years may in certain cases be extended: national service, long-term illness, maternity, special studies (1 - 4 years’ extension for doctorate students).
- Contributions: To benefit from this specific social protection plan the student pays an annual indivisible lump-sum contribution at the same time as administrative enrolment at the university. For 2004-2005 this contribution amounted to 186€ (approx. TT$1500.00).
Scholarship holders are exempted from paying this contribution.

B) Private cover

Compulsory cover may be complemented by subscribing to private student insurance which ensures almost 100% reimbursement on medical expenses. This is available from student mutual insurance companies.

Two local university sections are currently authorised to manage by educational district (académie) the student Social Security plan and propose complementary benefits, sometimes even higher than those proposed by Social Security. The mutual insurance companies reimburse in particular the difference between the full cost of treatment (care, medication, hospitalisation) and the portion reimbursed by Social Security.

In addition, private student insurance proposes cover for risk and public liability (accident caused to a third party), accident and death benefits. For students not entitled to social security, the mutual insurance companies propose other insurance plans.

C) Reimbursement

Social Security sets rates beyond which reimbursement is not provided. Affiliation to social security, taken at the same time as administrative university enrolment, entitles students to reimbursement whose percentage is calculated on the basis of conventional rates (35% - 80%). This is why a private guarantee proposed by mutual insurance companies is indispensable.


The French Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados does not currently offer funding to students wishing to pursue courses in France. However, the UNESCO guide, "Study Abroad", supplies a listing of grants and scholarships offered to students in France, as well as the selection criteria. See the section entitled "Useful Contact Information" la rubrique for further information and links.

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