The Embassy celebrates the Anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

On January 22, the Embassy hosted the traditional Franco-German reception celebrating the anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. This year, January 22nd also marked the first anniversary of the Treaty of Cooperation and Integration (...)

FRED: the platform for French teachers and learners

Do you teach French? Are you learning French? The FRED platform – – offers you free access to a wide range of high-quality content: videos, texts, infographics, podcasts and (...)

Bastille Day 2019

On the occasion of the celebration of Bastille Day, the Residence hosted close to 300 guests at a reception to mark the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.

Cooperation Protocol signed between the BRGM and the ACS

On June 12 the French Residence hosted the signing ceremony of a protocol between the BRGM and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). The document was signed by Dr. June Soomer, Secretary General of the ACS and Mr. Ywenn (...)

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